Lambretta Piston kit, 72.00mm, 39mm crown, Race-Tour (RB250) reed cylinders, forged, MB


This is one of our MB forged Race-Tour piston kits these are the strongest most versatile piston ever made for a Lambretta scooter. It provides better than Japanese quality without the additional expense of having to change your con-rod.

Piston dimensions;

  • Piston size - 72.00mm
  • Engine size - 250
  • Induction type - Piston port
  • Piston crown height - 39.00mm
  • Piston crown - 4mm
  • Skirt - 70.50mm
  • Con rod length - 107 110mm
  • Gudgeon pin - 16mm
  • Small end bearing width - 20mm
The piston kit includes;

  • Piston
  • Piston rings
  • Circlips
  • Gudgeon pin

Suitable for large block cylinders;

  • RB 250

Lambretta Piston kit, 72.00mm, 39mm crown, Race-Tour (RB250) reed cylinders, forged, MB

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Rob on 26 Feb 2013 asked "Hi, I have one of your watercooled heads that you profiled for the standard kit piston. Would it need to be reprofiled to run with this piston or are the crowns similar."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: RT piston uses the same dome as a standard AF piston

Glenn on 29 Aug 2011 asked "Hi Mark, how much does this piston weigh? and do you have plans to make them to suit a 115 rod?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Piston weight is 253g piston kit weight is 317g. No plans to do a short crown height one it would be a special one off.

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